1. The information on possible exclusion grounds of economic operators as foreseen in Article 47(5)(b) of the Directive 2014/24EU: „where the economic operator is bankrupt or is the subject of insolvency or winding-up proceedings, where its assets are being administered by a liquidator or by the court, where it is in an arrangement with creditors, where its business activities are suspended or it is in any analogous situation arising from a similar procedure under national laws and regulations“ is available here: Any other legal status apart from „No legal proceedings“ in a search results could mean that there is an exclusion ground for that economic operator.

2. Unreliable food business operators – is a list by State food and veterinary service. Entry in this list could be a basis for decision, that the  exclusion ground Article 47(5)(c) might apply, where the contracting authority can demonstrate by appropriate means that the economic operator is guilty of grave professional misconduct, which renders its integrity questionable;




Last updated: 08-01-2022