Supplier Exclusion grounds

The list below includes suppliers for which there are exclusion grounds according to the Directive 2014/24/EU Art. 57. p. 4 (g): „where the economic operator has shown significant or persistent deficiencies in the performance of a substantive requirement under a prior public contract, a prior contract with a contracting entity or a prior concession contract which led to early termination of that prior contract, damages or other comparable sanctions“. According to the provisions in Lithuanian public procurement law, these suppliers are to be excluded for a 3 year period.

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A supplier might also be excluded due to a violation of the prohibition to enter into prohibited agreements stipulated in the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Competition or a similar legal act of another state, when less than three years have lapsed since the entry into force of a decision imposing the economic sanction specified by the Law on Competition or the legal act of another state. 

List of such suppliers and decisions can be found on the website of Lithuanian competition council.

Economic operators are excluded from the participation in the public procurement procedures where the contracting authority can demonstrate by any appropriate means that the economic operator is in breach of its obligations relating to the payment of taxes or social security contributions.

The status of an economic operator, related to the payment of social security contributions, can be accessed on the website of The State Social Insurance Fund Board under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour. 


Publication of information on tax evasion has been temporarily suspended by the State tax inspectorate. 

Please note, the Lithuanian company is primarily identified by the company code (for example 188656261) in the Register of legal entities, and not by the VAT identification number (as not all companies have it). You can lookup company code by the name of the legal entity (or vice versa) on the website of State Enterprise Centre of Registers.



Last updated: 25-08-2020