The main objective of the Project is to reduce the factors of the occurrence and spread of corruption in public procurement.


SAULĖ IS creation objectives:

  • transform all procurement processes into smart digital solutions in cyberspace;
  • integrate SAULĖ IS with state registers and related state information systems;
  • substantially increase the work efficiency of SAULĖ IS users and speed up the related business processes;
  • Automate the assessment of procurement risks and improve the analysis and dissemination of procurement data;
  • increase the transparency of the procurement process through the application of open data principles and other modern means of informing the public and tenderers;
  • optimise the costs of SAULĖ IS development and maintenance and the transparency of SAULĖ IS implementation, ensuring competition between CPP IS development and maintenance service providers;
  • update the SAULĖ IS implementation architecture and technological tools, considering modern trends of IT market;
  • transfer SAULĖ IS to the consolidated State IT infrastructure.
  • create new and improve existing services provided by PPO SAULĖ IS.
Last updated: 10-09-2020